Bartender Interference: Sunbelt Hockey


Bartender Interference is an ongoing series where the Cupcakes try out and recommend hockey themed beverages, usually of our invention and always alcoholic. This installment is brought to you by Heather.

Winter ain’t coming. The cold is slipping away which means playoffs are looming. But I am excited for the season of suntan lotion and drinking on patios. I bring you a beverage with some Southern charm. I may live in the Pacific Northwest but I love my sweet tea. This is still delicious sans booze, which is a versatile drink option for a party.

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Tyler Bozak and Scott Moir may be the same person

During the Sochi Winter Olympics, as I rekindled my love with ice-dancing as I am wont to do every four years I came to the realisation that Scott Moir is really, really damn good looking. He also looks incredibly, suspiciously like Tyler Bozak.

Both are hockey mad, good on skates and look incredibly like each other in a slightly awkwardly geeky kind of way.

Could they be the same person?

Stanley Cupcake investigates.

We Need To Talk About Amanda: The Kessel Divide

 Author Note: All information within is true to the best of my knowledge and research. Great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of any statements in here, especially those pertaining to current status of the CWHL, including talking to CWHL player’s regarding the situation. If any information is incorrect, please let me know and I will rectify it. 

Sticktap to NBC Olympics


If hockey were science, the Kessel siblings would be the perfect experiment. They certainly have the right control elements: identical genetics and family environments, and equally dominant talents.


Then there is the independent variable that sets the experiences of Phil and Amanda so dramatically apart: gender.

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Bartender Interference: The Pavel Datsyuk


Bartender Interference is an ongoing series where the Cupcakes try out and recommend hockey themed beverages, usually of our invention and always alcoholic. This installment is brought to you by Ally.

All credit for this modified White Russian goes to my friend Liz. OK, and maybe to the Comerica Park bartender who improvised when she discovered she was out of cream.

Liz and I were at Comerica Park for the Winter Festival Alumni Showdown (because Kozzie, Stevie, and Feds…in that order, thankyouverymuch) and holed up in an indoor, gloriously heated bar for the first game in the doubleheader. Liz went to the bar to order White Russians and returned with two plastic cups of what looked like White Russians but smelled a little more, well, alcoholic than I was used to.

The bartender, Liz said, was out of cream and also milk, so decided to substitute with RumChata (a cream liqueur that tastes like cinnamon toast crunch). The resulting concoction was nothing but straight liquor poured over ice in a rather large plastic cup. Tasty, tasty liquor. By the time we were ready to find our seats for the second game, we were toasty.

In honor of Winter Classic mayhem and our Detroit Red Wings, Liz named our drink the Pavel Datsyuk, because as she put it, “You’re just sipping along, minding your own business, and suddenly your jock strap is above the bar.”


1 shot of vodka
1 shot of Kahlúa

Fill the rest of the glass with RumChata. Pour all ingredients over ice in a glass size of your choosing.

This drink is 100% liquor, no mixers, so one will be enough to knock you on your butt. I had two.

Live Video: We’re drinking

Hangouts on Air brings us to your living room with love.  We will update this page with text remarks as the broadcast continues.   Refer here for loose rules.  We’re playing without our A Team of Doc and Pierre so hopefully we don’t actually die.  Prayers.

7:44pm – Steve Ott iced it on the PP. We drank for mention of chara’s height. And the fact that NBC failed at explaining a penalty. OMG SABRES SCORE!!!

7:47pm – new rule. Everyone drinks when John Scott is mentioned as playing defense. And when he takes a penalty.

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Special Edition Stanley Cupcake Drinking Game: The NBCSN Wednesday Rivalry Night Edition

Hello and welcome!  With the arrival of NBCSN on the scene, we’ve been exposed to more Doc Emrick in the regular season than we had ever thought possible.  The “Wednesday Night Rivalry” moniker is also kind of sad.  Everyone has pretty much acknowledged that it’s a ham-handed, though expected, attempt to make regular season games read more like the playoffs to casual fans.  Basically, this is exactly what you’d expect if the entirety of Canadian broadcast journalism fell into a dimensional rift and Americans were left in charge of Hockey Night in Canada.  It’s sad, it’s on Wednesday, and alcohol is pretty much the only way to get through it.  And thus this game was born.  Tonight, we’ll watch the Boston Bruins and the Buffalo Sabres go head to head in the first WEDNESDAY NIGHT RIVALRY match of this post-Olympic world.


this logo emits a haze of booze

For safety reasons, we recommend boxed wine for this game in general.

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5 Things You Need to Do: An Out-of-Town Fans’ Survival Guide

I’ve yet to live in the city that my favorite NHL team calls home.  I grew up in Pennsylvania in the general vicinity of Pittsburgh, but I was still 70 miles from the Penguins’ arena downtown, and then I went to college in Boston, which is where I still live.  In fact, my fandom was more or less born in Boston, because Boston was where I started writing about hockey, and where hockey became a feature of my life as opposed to something to flip onto the TV.  Being unable to attend games or go to a sports bar decked out in your team’s colors can be hard, and most of us have already figured out what we need to get by.  But if your identity as “the enemy” still has you a little out of sorts, here’s everything that I’ve figured out since 2008 to pass the lonely nights:

  1. Get a Twitter account.  You don’t have to tweet if you don’t want to, but following fans and hockey journalists is probably the best way to stay up-to-date on your team.  I have friends who don’t like hockey, or really any sports, and they don’t understand why I am obsessed with Twitter.  It’s easy, really: I’m from a generation and a specific background within that generation which dictates that shared interests can be experienced online.  When I cheer for a goal, it’s usually alone in my room—and then I tweet about it.  Seeing other people tweet about the same thing is more or less the next best thing to watching live with other fans, whether at the arena, at the bar, or in my living room.  And unless you live in the right town or have an awesome meetup group to attend, it can be your only option.  If you ever feel lonely on game nights, Twitter and snacks can tuck you in.  There’s nothing wrong with that. Continue reading

Will you be my (hockey) Valentine?

If you’re a tumblrphile you’ll know that with Valentines Day (or International Day of Singles Awareness) just around the corner, tumblr-loving hockey fan have a new obsession.

It’s the #NHLValentine.

Many are funny. Many are crass. Many induce cackling of a level that has people question your sanity.  Below we’ve snagged a few of our favourites to share.

What are yours?


The tongue helps.

Via Boycheck

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Outdoor Hockey Survival Guide


So I went to the Winter Classic. And I sat in a blizzard for five hours. You can totally read about my feelings here. The NHL decided has decided we need more outdoor games. Prepare yourself. Winter is coming. And I just don’t want people to get sick because the cold is just brutal. Except California, y’all are getting off easy. Learn from my experience of hanging out at the Big House!

Oh yeah, it’s time for us to drop the puck here at Stanley Cupcake.